Monday, May 5, 2008

Illustration Friday-Seed

Good Seed – Bad Seed
I certainly don’t want to miss out on the chance to create something for this weeks’ Illustration Friday topic, Seed. I had a few concepts in mind, but as I was researching for one that would really enthrall me, I couldn’t get the Bad Seed idea out of my head. I saw the movie years ago, it left an impression.
The idea that some children may have a pre-determined and/or genetic disposition to do or be bad seems bizarre to me. There is an interesting article I found with Google search at
As I plant flower or vegetable seeds I know that the type of care I give the seedlings and then the adult plants will most definitely determine the plant’s well being and productivity. So, I relate this to raising a child, which I have done with good success in several cases, and with the help of many; mainly God and who knows how many angels, but also a father, grandparents, friends, good teachers and various books. I’m glad I didn’t have any “bad seeds”, but was it just luck?
Here are the elements used to create this digital collage.


Mya said...

Beautiful collage. I still need to learn my photo editing program it would help if I read the thick book that came with it.
I have often wondered myself how some children from the same family turn out fine and others struggle.
Thanks for visiting me.

Catherine said...

Beautiful, Rebecca. As always !
I love your interpretation of this topic.
Thank you for your visit on my blog.

mary schweitzer said...

Being a computer doofus, I don't get the whole digital art thing. This is a really beautiful piece. So feminine and soft. I really like your work.

Judy Scott said...

this is just wonderful I love digital art and am teaching myself ~ I would love to create beauties like this. As for children I agree with you ~ I also think you just have to be there for them, always let them know they can talk to you and that you love them. I have three and its worked so far :) thank goodness. Cant wait to see your next creation, Judy :)