Sunday, December 7, 2008

Illustration Friday - Similar

Similar: Laurel of Studio Lolo fame suggested this week's topic for Illustration Friday.
It's a hit, as of this post, there are 311 entries on the IF site. I loved the topic but had the hardest time deciding what to create. I have a boutique coming up this Wednesday so I wanted to kill two birds... as they say. I think I can use this piece in something since it's kinda wintery.

I named it Marguerite's Mittens because I used a handwritten file card that has instructions for little girl's mittens from Jan 1929. I imagine that whenever you knit mittens you might want them to be similar in size and proportion. Maybe that's why I have only knitted caps and a scarf or two. I knew I could never produce mittens that were anywhere near the same or even similar.

Check out the compilation below for a peek at the images I used -- including the old card with the mitten instructions (used in the background).

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Illustration Friday - Balloon

Balloon fun time! Now this was a great theme and topic for Illustration Friday this week. I have used balloons in several pieces in the past, but decided to create something entirely from scratch using images available on the web from free image sources.

These are from Karen's Whimsy, an awesome source for public domain images, and also from the flickr groups Playing With Brushes and Collage Images -- check them out!

The images I used are presented in this next compilation. It's a pretty basic piece with just a few images, but I played around for quite awhile to get them to blend well.

just for fun, here are two from the past with a balloon, they are very different in style.

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