Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Illustration Friday - Opinion

Well here goes folks, since the Illustration Friday topic is Opinion and I have none, save it be the wrong opinion at the wrong time, or too many opinions to keep to myself, I give you this nearly, oft times self portrait of myself. Well, maybe it's not me. I would never hold a bird that way...I have very strong opinions about how I would personally hold a bird.

The "Silenced" piece is a digital collage I made after my first semester of Photoshop with one of my favorite instructors at Butte College. Dennis Wickes is a teacher who doesn't just offer facts and priciples, but terrific wonder, insight and inspiration that expands the thinking and understanding. He knows his stuff!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Illustration Friday - Pretend

She is trying to pretend that he's not tugging on her heartstrings.

Oh my goodness, this was so much fun - what a great Illustration Friday topic this week!
This next image is a compilation of the images I used for this piece. I experimented with layer blending modes in Photoshop to get just the right feel for the piece and a sense of mystery with depth and shading.
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Illustration Friday-Wise

Wednesday is a perfectly good day to post my Illustration Friday submission, isn't it?

A Wise Child of Nature - groomed to care for her own little world.

Here are the images used in this digital collage.

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Illustration Friday - Vacant

Well here it is -- another submission for Illustration Friday and a return to the blog. It's good to be back, playing with Photoshop again and posting something on my VACANT blog.

The weekly topic is Vacant, so I had in mind this wild eyed character I found at my local antique store this summer. I passed him up the first time I saw him, but he was calling out to me on the next visit. Of course I envisioned him with a witch's hat or something but when I saw that Vacant was the topic I just knew he was in for a little make-over. The vacant building over his eyes is part of an old schoolhouse I photographed when I was in Idaho this summer and the glitter star is an old ephemera piece that I found at another local antique store.

These are the images I used in this piece... (oops, forgot to add the little bird illustration)

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