Saturday, April 26, 2008

Illustration Friday-Wrinkles

Timely Wrinkles
Life is too precious to worry about wrinkles...besides, who has the time???
Digital Illustration for Illustration Friday
Made with all scanned images w/ the exception of the Obsidian Dawn Frame Brush (love those brushes...thanks Stephanie Shimerdla!
Wrinkles are certainly no fun on face or clothes; but creating this piece in Photoshop was a blast!

I wanted to create something with scanned items and my painted backgrounds, so I crumpled up a piece of ivory paper and scanned it, scanned in a painted and gesso-ed background, grabbed one of my roses that had dried, scanned an old envelope & check ledger I found at an antique store, scanned a photo I purchased on ebay, and went to it!!!

This is a look at the layers in Photoshop. What's not to LOVE about Photoshop! Okay, if you are struggling with this awesome program, check out the tutorials online. Many are free and I learn from them whenever I want to try something new or get a question answered. Here's a list with a few . If anyone has some more suggestions for tutorials, please post a comment and fill me in...I would love to know about any and all tutorials!

PS: It looks like Blogger has hiccups again.... you can't click on the last two images and get them to open to view a larger photo. Sorry about that. I will put them on my flickr site to view. Thanks!



very the collage...I use PS Elements to manipulate my images...but what you do here is AMAZING !!!!

thedoodlegirl said...

Wow! You are so talented! Fun concepts and ideas.

Judy Scott said...

I love this ~ brilliant idea and art work ~ Judy x

David said...

Nice job, I think the two characters are perfect for this theme, the perfect couple.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca thank you for visiting my blog! I did not know there was so much history right in my own backyard till doing my homework!
Wish I knew photoshop still cutting and your work and birdie icon!

bockel24 said...

This is one of the most wonderful digital pieces I´ve ever seen. Thank you for showing the different elements yóu´ve used!

Izabella said...

oh my!! this is a precious piece!!

Stephani Gorman said...

This is SO awesome! Do you have to have photoshop to do this, or can you use other programs? I want to play here , but don't know where to start! Thank-you for sharing your beautiful work. I will keep checking in and will try your tips. :) Stephani