Friday, June 20, 2008

Illustration Friday-Hoard

She Had a Habit of Hoarding Hats

The Illustration Friday Topic this week is Hoard. I don't hoard hats or any other items of clothing for that matter. But if I were a clothing hoarder it would probably be hats.

Now if we were to talk about art supplies, antiques or ephemera, well, that would be another thing... that's all I'm going to say about that, for this could be a very personal and soul searching topic.

Say, what nice weather we are having...
perfect for hats!

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Mick said...

A terrific idea for hoard. I came up empty (sigh).

Gabrielle Madsen said...

Wonderful, wonderful. I can't get over the inspiration I find everytime I visit you!

Rian said...

Hello Rebecca.
I've just discovered you're blog and I must say that what you are creating is BEAUTIFUL !!
( Greetings from the Netherlands )


love this!

SaiSai said...

That's me! I am definately a hat hoarder! I love your style and sense of fun, keep it up!

Mary S Hunt said...

you are terrific with this digital stuff...that i haven't had much success with...everything in this blog is just lovely and the content is so creative


Rian said...

Hey's me again.
Rian from the Netherlands.
I want to also thank you for you're comment on my blog.
(sorry for my English, sometimes it's so bat but i am trying oke?)
Today i discovererd a wonderful site and maybe you wil like it to.
I'ts a Dutch site with hundreds of photographs with (vintage & victorian) Children. Realy beautiful.
You can read it about on my blog from sunday 29 juni.
The name of the site is ;
Have fun with it (if you like it)
and again greeting from the Netherlands. :-)

Bron Smith said...

I really enjoy your creative assemblages, Rebecca. It's obvious that you really love what you do.