Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th and It's Party Time!

So here it is again, our "4th" as some of us call it. An amazing 233 years of celebrating our nation's birth and independence! Today I am thankful for this beautiful country and those who have given so much to make and keep her free. May we never forget!

My heart is full of gratitude to God, righteous and industrious citizens and those serving our country in so many ways.

Please keep her free and preserve our liberty.

And if you're in the kitchen or lighting up the barbecue, check out this great "How to cut a watermelon" tutorial by a darling young mom Natalie!

She has some awesome and yummy recipes on her blog that she shares with equally talented friends. KitchentoKitchen

Have a fun and memorable 4th!

rebecca ~ justgiddy

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