Saturday, May 31, 2008

Illustration Friday-Baby

In my heart of hearts I love this Illustration Friday topic -- I could create Baby art all day long! Since one baby is wonderful, then would two be even better? That's why I opted for Two in a Pea Pod. But I have been trying to get their attention all afternoon...they just have so much going on around them, and they can't tune in! Maybe when they need a diaper change...

Today as I was in the garden picking some peas to scan I noticed the sweet peas needed cut too, (they smell wonderful by the way) so I had to used them in this piece. The wheels are little buttons I scanned.

Here are the elements & images I used in Two in a Pea Pod ---

  • Textured and Solid Background Layers Blue and Green
    Textured Clouds
    Yellow Spherical Shape for Sun
    Scroll Ironwork Image
    Caterpillar Image
    Butterfly Image
    Scanned Sweet Peas
    Scanned Buttons for wheels
    Scanned Pea Pod
    Baby Photo from my Collection - color added
    Image of Grass I made with the brush tool
    Scroll Brushes for the border
    Brown shading layer for depth

Altogether with the mask layers, filters and layer effects, etc., I counted up 51 layers for this piece. What did we ever do before layers?

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great June!



they are indeed SWEET PEAS !!! delightful !!!

Vhrsti said...

Absolutely amazing works here!!! Deep respect, Rebecca!

Nancy Bea Miller said...

Wonderful! I have twin boys so I can especially relate. I still call them both "Sweet Pea" from their "Two peas in a pod" days, much to their great chagrin.

thedoodlegirl said...

Oh WOW. Fantastic layers and wonderful feel. You are very talented!! :)